Auto Chess Legends Review

Auto Chess Legends Review

Today we will be talking about new genre game Auto Chess Legends. Auto chess overtook the gaming community in 2019, and this game is for sure one of the best if not the best game of this type. We do not doubt that you will enjoy this game but if you are still unsure if it is the right for you keep reading for more detailed Auto Chess Legends review.

What to expect of Auto Chess Legends?

If you haven’t faced auto chess game by now, it is a combination of chess and action game. The field of battle is an 8×8 chess board on which you line up your heroes. After the round begins and you face your opponent the heroes move and use spells automatically. Player whose hero is the last one to stand wins the round and damages other player health amount equal to the level of the hero. 

The game is played round by round, and at the start of each round, you get five random heroes in your shop available for you to acquire if you have enough gold. After you buy heroes, you place them on the board, and when the preparation time lapses the fight will begin. Extra gold is earned for the win.

Heroes and strategy

There is a bit more about this game than just placing random figures on the chess board. There are over 50 heroes of different classes with different abilities and features. Each hero has a couple of traits characteristic for is race and class. When a certain number of the same race or same class pieces occupy the board, the bonus is activated. That is the beauty of this game, to be the best you must plan your moves up front.

It’s not for nothing that this game is described as a strategy game. For you to win, you must choose heroes from the shop carefully to activate as many bonuses as you can while maintaining the balance of your lineup. For example, the sweet spot is to have an appropriate number of hard to kill heroes up front to protect your damage-dealing back lines.


Although the game is still in development with many features yet to come, during this Auto Chess Legends review, we found gameplay pretty satisfactory. There is, of course, a space for improvement, but you won’t be disappointed by any means. Detailed heroes and flashy battles are the things that will make you come back for more excitement.

As the game is not so much focused on dynamics as the strategy, it is easily played single-handed. The interface is well-organized, so it shouldn’t take much time to get used to it. With so many heroes and abilities, your options for creating a team are almost unlimited.

Parent Advisor

Although the game doesn’t contain scenes of explicit violence, it is graded pegi 16, which means it is not appropriate for younger than 16. As the base of the game is fighting and also contains “game of chance” part, it has to be graded like this even though we don’t fully agree with the assessment.

Overall Experience

Honestly, this game is a real treat for the lovers of strategy games. We were positively surprised and had a genuine fun making Auto Chess Legends review. This is one of those games that attract you instantly. We for sure are going to keep playing this game, and we hope you give it a try soon.

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