Coin Master: Game Review

Coin Master: Game Review

Today we’ll let you know everything about the Coin Master game. A very simple yet addictive game made by Moon Active was released a few years ago, but it is this year that it made a real breakthrough. Nowadays, this game has over 50 million downloads and is taking over the mobile world. Without further ado, we present to you Coin Master review.

What is Coin Master about?

If we had to describe Coin Master in two words, those words would be a slot machine. Yup, the hearth of this game is the slot machine, and that is where everything begins. There are not so many things that bring this much excitement as slots. Of your luck depends how fast you will progress through levels.

What can you get out of a slot machine?

The slot has a couple of rewards that you can get with matching three of the same pictures. You can get more or less gold, shield, attacking hammer, etc. Hammers can be used to attack enemy villages and shields to protect your own from the foreign invaders. The number of spins is limited, but you will get five extra ones every hour. There is a couple of more ways to acquire spins like watch a video or buy them.

Build villages to advance

One way to spend money you earned is to upgrade your village. Different things can be built and improved within your village like pyramids, statues or even lakes. With each upgrade, you will receive a reward in the form of stars, and when you reach 20 stars, you advance to the next village/level. The great thing is that you can log in with facebook and compete in the leaderboard.

Collecting cards

Another way to spend your coins is to buy chests. When you open chest you will receive collectible cards. Once the collection is full, you will be awarded additional spins. During Coin Master review, we learned that those cards could be shared with friends, which is a great addition.

Parent Advisor

All about this game is made in a gentle tone. The colors are pleasant to the eyes, and there is nothing of visual character that is inappropriate. The reason behind the PEGI 12 grade is the slot machine which is considered a real-life gambling experience, and we should respect that.

Overall Experience

This game is one of those that you’ll have to play to feel it. We admit it may not be the most appealing game on the first sight, but there is something about Coin Master that drags you back for another spin. We hope you liked our Coin Master review and that you’ll give this game a try soon.

APP Details:

Price: Free
Devices: Android, iOS
Size: 249 MB
Category: Casual
Version: 3.5.28
Publisher: Moon Active
Software requirements: Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 9.0 or later

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