Doom Eternal Preview – What Can You Expect

Doom Eternal Preview – What Can You Expect

The newest addition in the Doom series comes in the form of a Doom Eternal. It’s a sequel to 2016’s Doom and will be available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The developer, id Software, set the release date to November 22nd, 2019. For a further description of this upcoming game, take a look at our Doom Eternal review.

What can you expect of Doom Eternal?

From the short amount of time that the game has been at our disposal, we concluded that the developers wanted to keep the core of the game same. In other words, Doom Eternal is a fast, first-person shooter like its predecessor with a few new additions. You take the role of the well-known Doom Slayer in an attempt to wipe out the demons from this world.

What are the new features?

We all know that the whole Doom series revolves around fast-moving, reflex-based slaughter. Well, Doom Eternal presents us even faster clashes and gameplay. The biggest contributor to that is the new, improved movement features that make this game more exciting. Aside from double jump, dashes are also available as well as climbing.

New weapons are also added to the arsenal, and old ones got improvement. Now the old shotgun has a hook that latches on the enemy as well as the wall and pulls you closer. Another change regarding the previous game is the spare life, which enables you to respawn at the same place you died instead of the latest checkpoint.


Doom Eternal’s gameplay offers everything we want out of the game like this. A bloody, brutal, and thrilling experience is what this game is all about. The number of demon species doubled regarding the 2016’s game. The unique surroundings of a destroyed Earth that look like hell will get your heart pumping for sure.

The better the murder the, better is the reward you get. Once you get close to a demon, options are endless. Beheadings, sawing them in halves or burning them are just some of the choices. The rewards come in the form of ammo or health; this way, the players are encouraged to engage in man to man combat instead of wandering in search of those resources.

Exciting multiplayer mode

Something completely new is the “Invasion” mode. This enables you to join another player’s campaign and take the role of a demon. We were pleasantly surprised by this feature during our Doom Eternal review. Of course, if you want to play your campaign without distractions, you can turn this option off. The traditional multiplayer battle will also be available.

Parent advisor

In all honesty, this game isn’t suitable for some grown people, let alone children. PEGI graded it with 18 because of its brutal nature. Our advice would be not to let your kids play this game if they are under 18 years old.

Overall experience

We like how the essence of the game is kept in this sequel. Numerous great improvements mechanical as well as visual, we can’t ask for much more. For the full view on the game, we’ll have to wait for an official release, but we like what we see. We hope you enjoyed Doom Eternal review and that you’ll give this game a try.

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