Empire: Rise of BattleShip – Game Review 2019

Empire: Rise of BattleShip – Game Review 2019

Today we will introduce you to the upcoming game Empire: Rise of BattleShip. You can notice a few features from the very name of the game. It is a strategy game of sea battles with the world’s greatest warships. If you are into this type of games, sit back and enjoy the rest of our Empire: Rise of BattleShip review.

What to expect of Empire: Rise of BattleShip?

Developers did an excellent job adding multiple features to this game, making it more fun and challenging. As we said, the essence of the game is the battle of warships, but it’s not that simple. If you choose to play this game, there is a long way of building the world’s greatest fleet in front of you. Naturally, you have a naval base as a fleet captain.

The naval base is the most crucial part of the game because there is where you will make a strategy for the upcoming battles. Inside the base, there is a couple of buildings vital to your progress like Tech Center, Energy Center, Headquarters, etc. Each of them serves a different purpose and can be upgraded; the higher the level, the better fleet.


The battles themselves are auto-played, so there isn’t much dynamics involved in gameplay. That doesn’t mean your battles are going to be boring by any means. While the battle rages, you can switch between a few camera views and find the best suiting one. Watching battles is important because you can spot fleets weaknesses and fix them for the next fight.

The strategy is mostly bound to the choice of the ships within your fleet and resources distribution. Every building, as well as the ship upgrades, demands a certain amount of resources. It is up to you to make decisions related to the future of the fleet.


Most of our readers would agree with us that multiplayer games are more fun and more exciting comparing to the campaign. During our Empire: Rise of BattleShip review, we were pleasantly surprised with the option of creating an alliance with other players across the world. Together you have better chances of becoming the most powerful warship armada.

Parent Advisor

In our opinion, this game is kids-friendly because there isn’t anything that would suggest otherwise. The PEGI evaluations are much harsher than ours, which results in grade 7. That’s because of the scary sounds and non-detailed violence (battleship destruction). Either way, if your kid is more than seven years old, you have nothing to worry about.

Overall Experience

We think that this game is going to be a real treat for the lovers of the strategy games as well as sea warfare. It’s up to each player to organize and build a unique fleet under his command. If you are as half excited as we are about this game, go ahead and pre-register. We hope you enjoyed this Empire: Rise of BattleShip review and that you’ll give this game a chance.

APP Details:

Price: Free
Devices: Android, iOS
Size: 94.6 MB
Category: Strategy
Version: 1.2.151
Publisher: 5Star-Games
Software requirements: Android 4.1 or higher

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