SINoALICE English Review 2019

SINoALICE English Review 2019

Soon to be released mobile game SINoALICE shook up the gaming community with over a million pre-registered players. It’s a role-playing game whose stories are based on the popular fairytales. In this SINoALICE review, you can find out what the game will be like and why it attracted so much attention. So sit back and enjoy!

What to expect of SINoALICE?

Since the game is released in Japan, we have a pretty good idea what will it look like after the international release. As we mentioned before it is an RPG game with famous characters like Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, and other familiar characters. You will experience those characters in a different light then you used to, surrounded and in the heat of battle.

A significant aspect of the game is its story-telling part, which is the essence of the game. Wave by wave battle by battle you will unlock parts of the story about the game. Acquiring weapons and heroes and leveling them up is your choice, which gives each player a freedom to create a unique personalized story. Defeating the Nightmare creatures will bring an ending to the story.


SINoALICE can be played both in multiplayer and singleplayer where the rest of the teammates will be played by CPU. Each battle consists of 3 waves which are fairly short and tell a little part of the story. This is something we especially liked as it is short enough to keep you interested and yet delivers a message.

As the game progresses naturally, it will become more and more challenging. You will have to think strategically and attack the enemy with an opposing element to deal the most damage. Big influence on the outcome of the battle have weapons you use. Choosing the right one will bring you victory, but it is harder than it sounds as there are more than 150 weapons in the game.

Leveling up enables you to bring more weapons to the fight, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. More weapons use more SP points, which are required to attack, so you will have to find the right balance. One of the options is to use battle-gained EXP items to upgrade your weapons.

Connection problems

In the process of doing SINoALICE review, we faced some connection problems along the way. The good thing is that the reconnect option is available in the multiplayer mode, but this can mess up your experience. These connection problems are understandable given that the game is still young, and hopefully will be resolved shortly.

Parent Advisor

 Considering that the battle and killing is the core of the game, you probably shouldn’t let your kids play this game. The characters are presented quite differently than the ones in the bed-time stories. Besides that, PEGI rated the game with 16, and we wholeheartedly agree with the assessment.

Overall Experience

Except for connection problems we really can think of anything wrong about this game. Involvement of creative director Yoko Taro can be seen every step of the way, from images to the audio music. All in all, we enjoyed working on SINoALICE review, and we are looking forward to the international release.

APP Details:

Price: Free
Devices: Android, iOS
Size: 83 MB
Category: RPG
Version: 0.0.2
Publisher: NEXON Company
Software requirements: Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 8.0 or later

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