The Surge 2 Preview – CodeGames

The Surge 2 Preview – CodeGames

Today we present you The Surge 2 review, one of the most anticipated sequels of this year. The official release date is set to 24th September. It’s an RPG game that is an extension to a 2017’s The Surge.  The game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Stick around for a more detailed description of what’s coming.

What is The Surge 2 about?

Those of you who aren’t familiar with the previous game, The Surge 2 take place in a Sci-Fi, after-apocalyptic world where a shortage of food and resources forces people to violence. In these circumstances, people are forced to equip their exosuits with a variety of weapons and armor. You have to survive despite vicious gangs and scavengers.

What are the novelties of The Surge 2?

It seems like the developer Deck13 Interactive did their research about criticism of The Surge and managed to resolve most of the problems if not all of them. One of the objections was that the environment was too monotonous. Namely, the first game is set inside of the factory, which limits the possibility and freedom to explore this, filled with robots, world.  

The sequel also introduces somewhat different mechanics where the defense isn’t that effective as before as most of the long-ranged attacks can penetrate anyways. This forces you to engage in man-to-man combat more often. We see the more improved targeting system during battles which during The Surge 2 review we found to be crucial during clashes.


It should be noted that the view is from a 3rd person perspective, which suits the nature of the game and offers a better experience of the surroundings. One of the most significant changes regarding its predecessor is the freedom to wander the Jericho City and explore it. Furthermore, this game leaves room for different ways to solve your quests by finding hidden paths and exploit positioning.

The Surge 2 offers twice as more weapons to combine in your quest of survival. To acquire weapons, you must target a specific body part to separate it from the enemy after death. This will prove crucial as you need to gain more equipment to survive more and more dangerous enemies. Furthermore, the AI that commands enemy forces is more sophisticated, which results in coordinated attacks.

Parent advisor

Since the game features bloody battles with human-machine hybrids, it’s not the most appropriate scene to exhibit to children. All this was taken into account by PEGI, which resulted in a grade of 18. All in all, you shouldn’t let anyone younger than 18 years to play this game.

Overall Experience

Developers obeyed the demands of their player community and brought us a better game with a complete experience. We think that this sequel improved a lot in all segments of the game. We were so excited about The Surge 2 review, and we must say that the demo lived up to the height. All it is left now is to be patient and wait for the official release of this fantastic game.

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