What is AFK Arena about? AFK Arena Review

What is AFK Arena about? AFK Arena Review

Today we’ll talk about an awesome game that offers a solution to lack of playing time. As you can see, the game is called AFK Arena, and that gives us some information of what the game is about. If you are a fan of mobile games but don’t have enough time, this is the right game for you. If you are interested, stick around for more details during AFK Arena review.

What is AFK Arena about?

AFK Arena is a game presented by Lilith Games, and it is a real refreshment in a role-playing genre. The game covers a story in the world of Esperia and the never-ending battle between good and evil.  You need to assemble a team that will fight with the Hypogeans to defend the people from extinction. In your path, you will unlock stronger heroes for your team as well as useful equipment for them.

So far during AFK Arena review, this game isn’t that much different from the rest of the RPG crew, but there is one key thing that makes this game special. This game doesn’t require much of your attention.  It may not sound so special right away but believe us this game will save you a lot of time. Once you assemble your team, the game will keep going even if you are logged off.

You can easily advance by tuning in once a day to collect your rewards, play a few battles, and upgrade levels, and you are good to go for another day. Also if you like the game so much, nothing will stop you from playing it more often. This is a solution for many people that don’t have enough time during a day of even those who want to be more responsible with their time management.


If we’re honest, we didn’t expect much of the gameplay as the main advantage of this game is AFK playing, but the game proved us wrong. There is just something fun and pleasing at watching cartoonish battles. This game offers a great visual experience with a lot of dynamic moves and cool spells.

A big part of this game is the strategy of assembling your team. You will need to find the right balance as well as the proper formation, which will play a big difference in battles. While the clash begins, you will unleash particular hero abilities by clicking on their card. Also, the big part of your progress will rely on leveling up your heroes and giving the right equipment.

Parent Advisor

Although this game includes constant battles, we must say that they are based on fantasy characters and completely non-realistic. Therefore we cannot fully agree with the PEGI 12 grade, but if you want to play it safe hold on your kids from this game if they are not twelve years old.

Overall Experience

This game certainly fulfilled our expectations in most aspects, and some even excelled them. The offline part of the game is very well thought and to say that we like it would be an understatement. The biggest surprise for us during this AFK Arena review was the gameplay with simple, yet entertaining graphics. All in all a great game and we hope you give it a try soon.

APP Details:

Price: Free
Devices: Android, iOS
Size: 102 MB
Category: RPG
Version: 1.25.03
Publisher: Lilith Games
Software requirements: Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 8.0 or later

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