What to expect of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

What to expect of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

You must have at least heard about Dragon Ball Z anime by now. The famous show ran for years and stole the hearts of millions of people, and it is for that reason we bring you Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle review. DBZ had a couple of games bearing its name, but we’ve never seen one like this. It might not seem appealing right away but we assure you there is a reason this game is so popular.

As we said, this isn’t the game to fall in love at first sight, but there is something about it that keeps you coming back. It’s a strange combination of a board and action game in 2D. Naturally, the DBZ characters are at spotlight but in a different storyline. This game requires strategy as well as luck to win the battles.


At the start of the game, you will have to assemble your deck with heroes available to you, and then you are ready for a fight. As you enter the level, the board will appear with a figure of you with choices of different directions to take. Once you cross paths with one of your enemies, the battle will start. For us, that is where the real fun begins.

As we said before the battles are in 2D, but the visual experience is fairly decent. Between enemy and yourself is a pile of different-colored balls. Each hero has its affection for particular color which enables stronger attacks. At this point, all you need to do is to connect the dots for a powerful attack. You have to be aware of your hero’s advantages and weaknesses to achieve better results.

Characters of the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

We must admit that during Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle review, nostalgia began to develop, and the reason was all those great characters that draw us to the anime in the first place. Since the game’s storyline doesn’t follow the one from the show, you get the chance to embody one of the bad guys like Frieza and team up with the Goku himself.

Experiment with the team creating to find the one that suits you best. Each hero is represented with a card and can be leveled up through training. Almost any character you can remember from the game is here. You won’t have all the heroes available, and you must play to unlock one at a time. Not all the heroes are the same rarity so you will have to make an effort to acquire rare ones.

Parent Advisor

This game is revolving around the battles of fictional characters, and they are far from realistic. It is for that reason that we don’t fully agree with the PEGI grade 12, and we think that the bottom limit could be lowered for a few years. On the other hand, if you are unsure, you can play it safe and not let your kids play it until the age of twelve.

Overall Experience

It is difficult the give the objective opinion on the game like this when it relies on the previous experience of anime. From the perspective of the fan, this game was a great throwback to the old days, and we certainly enjoyed it. It would be the best that after this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle review you play the game and check it out yourself. We hope you have the same experience with the game as we had.

APP Details:

Price: Free
Devices: Android, iOS
Size: 82 MB
Category: Action
Version: 4.4.2
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Software requirements: Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 8.0 or later

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